Participation with a few of my works to the watercolor exposition  2016 in Neerlinter   

 My work Filipo is exhibited till the end of 2016 in thailand In the international exposition organised by IWS thailand. I am the only Belgian particpant. 

Watercolor happening in Neerlinter, Belgium from  2 till 4 december 2016, i participate with 8 watercolor paintings as 1 of the guest painters 

On 19 of may 2016 i participated in a very interesting workshop with Joelle Thirion, child portrait in watercolour. The photo shows the result of this day. 

Vernissage on 13 of may of the 12tht edtion of Artheek in the municipal museum of Lokeren, were i participate with 3 watercolour paintings. The exposition is open till 29 of may. 



For 2nd time i was invited to take part as 1 of the 20 belgian watercolour artists to ArteInfabriano, an international event with 730 paintings in exhbition all over the city, in different locations in Fabriano, at 50 km from Ancona, Italy. A great festival with demos, activities from 21 till 26 of april 2016.

Participation in watercolour exhibition organised by artist Piet Van aken in the house of Culture in Meise, near to Brussels  in november 2015

My 2 works in the exposition in Hof Van Ryhove in Ghent, my hometown, from  2 till 17 april 2016 

"penelope" and "little miss sunshine" 

2 days an  interesting workshop portret with Sonia Privat from France, februari 2016 In Mons during les Aquarellades