On march 8, international women’s day, i gave a demonstration portrait of 1 hour during les aquarellades in Mons. The work is dedicated to all girls and children still forced into a mariage as a childbride.

For the 4tht time i will be part of the Belgian delegation from 2 till 7 may 2018 during the international watercolor event in Fabriano, Italy... about 1000 international paintings will be exposed in the whole town  

demonstration portrait during  les Aquarellades in  Mons, les anciens abattoirs, rue de la trouille on thursday  8 march in the afternoon 

 “Matteo, Homeless”  selected by jury  and  exposed  during the 37tht watercolor salon of the belgian Watercolor institute in july august 2017  in the Landcommanderie Alden Biesen, Belgium, has been choosen  by public votes as the 6tht best painting on a total of 125 paintings of high level 

”waree” was  one of the works of the belgian delegation representing, exposed in the international  Watercolor salon in Thessaloniki, in november 2017, organised by friend and  artist George Politis. The curator of our group was artist Catherine De rijck. 

My work ‘the miner’ one of the works sent to Indonesia by  IWS belgium 

Mijn work selected for the international watercolor convent in Fabriano, Italy,  april 2017

My werk selected to represent  Belgium during the international watercolor event   "Light water color" in Torres vedra  Portugal from 4-28 mei 2017

"Little diva of the circus" selected as one of the works to represent belgium. About 800 works to admire in the whole city.