I was invited by Misses Johanne Pierick Herr to become a member of the international academy Mondial Art Academia, a group of selected international artists. After introduction of my candidature with my works, i was accepted as a member which is a great honor for me.

On 1.6.19 the  AFB, association des Aquarellistes Francophones de Belgique, celebrated their 5 Years of existance in a great Castle  Le Petit-leez in the province of Namur. It was a lovely party with a lot of sun shining that day. On the photo a work of Jean Rivière.

From 1 till 31 july we participated with a group of belgian watercolor painters, all selected by jury, in an international event organised by IWS Bulgaria in the city art gallery Boris georgiev in the beautifull city of Varna.  About 390 works of artists of 60 countries were exposed. 

On  22 of june 2019 i was the winner of the 41e Akwarel organised by the Lion’s club Antwerp with my work ‘first sunbeam’. This was a big honor. The exhibition was kept in  Ruyterhal te Brasschaat. 

I recieved the good news that my paintings are accepted, as the only Belgian participant, for the online competition of GAWA 2019 through Facebook 

Participation with 4 Cuban female watercolor portraits in an exceptional exhibition organised by the city of Lokeren, Belgium from 18/5 till 2/6/19 in the city museum. This is a project that unifies artists with artists with a mental disability. All artworks can be rented for 1 year. 

it was a big honor to be invited by misses Johanne Pierrick Her, the director of MAA,  to become a member of Mondial Art Academia


The exhibition of the French speaking watercolor painters of Belgium took place in Galery Belfroid in Namur, Belgium in october 2018. I participated with 4 cuban women portraits. 

Participation with 11 paintings  in Hagelandse Aquarelsalon in Neerlinter, Belgium in march 2019