Eyes, mirrors of the soul ... telling a story through the eyes of my characters like Matteo, a homeless man.

The display of impressions and feelings, taking the viewer to the world of small and large people in my drawings and paintings. Sometimes with a very limited color palette, sometimes exotic colorful, through dark and light ...

I would like to take every visitor in the labyrinth of my  Portraits made as well based on photo’s as with living models, and other compositions, figures, creations such as cuban oldtimers in watercolor, pastel and mixed media. Please contact me for more information or if you have other questions.

Board Member of the  International Watercolor society Belgium, Board member of The international watercolour society of Canada, member of les aquarellistes Francophones de Belgique and Artgroup Lak@rt, Delegué for the Belgian Watercolour painters members of Mondial Art Academia.